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Keep up with us via our Blog [http://pattersonweb.org/main/index.php?title=Home&action=feed&feed=rss RSS Feed]
Keep up with us via our Blog [http://pattersonweb.org/main/index.php?title=Home&action=feed&feed=rss RSS Feed]
{{:A tree must go, what do do with the wood}}
[[A tree must go, what do do with the wood|Permanent Link]]
{{:Thankful for 2009}}
{{:Thankful for 2009}}
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[[Jordan Turns 3|Permanent Link]]
[[Jordan Turns 3|Permanent Link]]
{{:First Half Summer Recap}}
[[First Half Summer Recap|Permanent Link]]
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Welcome to PattersonWeb.org. Keep up with whats going on with the Pattersons.

Keep up with us via our Blog RSS Feed

A Tree Must Go

So we recently decided that our favorite corkscrew willow tree was getting to big for the area it was planted (frankly I planted it closer to the septic tanks then I should have seemed ok 4 years ago when it was a twig) Its nearness to the septic tanks has been gnawing at my mind every time I park and see the tree in the side yard. It had such nice shape and branching (4 main trunks down low) Jordan has spent many afternoons playing in and around it, It created a lovely arched shade area over the path to the back yard, and in general was a lovely tree. This past weekend I decided to finally take it down (before we mulch the area or it destroys the septic tank.) It only took about 2 hours to take down, but I now have a side yard full of limbs and leaves. (and I suspect will take multiple weekends to finish shredding what I don't use)

So Jenny tells me she wants me to make a Fairy house. I'm like a fairy house!? what is a fairy house? Turns out its sorta like a bean tee-pee, but not. Basically its just a rustic hut made out of easily found materials.... such as the remnants of our once beautiful Willow tree. After doing a bit of web research, and design ideas on paper, I set out for Lowes and bough a ton of zip ties... Yes big honking, 2 and 3 foot zipties! Seemed to be the best choice of building material for the job at hand. (and after having done it, I am quite happy with the choice) Anyway so I spent the entire afternoon building the Fairy house. Initiall I built up 6 wall sections in a hexagon shape, poles into the ground, poles connecting the tops, but this structure was relatively flimsy, and not wanting a bunch of willow wood coming tumbling down on my daughters head, I revised the plan, and used some bigger bamboo canes in a X configuration to stabilize the walls.

Once the walls were up and stable, I began adding the roof. I started with 2 branches zip tied paralle, and then twisted them out to the right angle, and attached them to top of the walls. Once one set was in place, I added a pole from each wall corner to the top, zip tying both ends. After all the roof poles were in place I did an additional large zip tie around the joint of all the roof poles. Lastly I added a door frame, and little side window and called it quits.

Soon I will be adding vines to the base. Not entirely decided on what type(s). The current options are:

  • Coral Honeysuckle
  • Burgandy Cross Vine
  • American Wysteria (white or purple)
  • Grape
  • Arctic Kiwi

Anybody have some other suggestions, or reasons one is better then the other, I'd appreciate a note!

--Josh 03:41, 13 May 2010 (UTC) Permanent Link

So Thankful!

Today being Thanksgiving, I must of necessity express thanks to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. While at times this year has seemed truly thankless, it is a case of focusing on the negatives.

  • My number 1 thank you for this year is the safe and prompt birth of my son, Justus. Mom and baby were both safe! Thank you God.
  • Despite catching h1n1 myself, Jenny and Jordan both avoided it and have now been Vaccinated! Gods timing is exquisite
  • Both cars have run all year with only the one weird car vs plastic bag incident
  • My company continues to do a great deal of business despite the negative economic times.
  • Many friends and acquaintances poured out love on us via clothes and meals for Justus.
  • Jordan Potty trained quickly and pretty easily; not to mention transitioned to a real bed.
  • God provides what we need when we need it.
  • A forgiving wife
  • Friends who support us no matter what we go through.
  • A house to provide shelter, a "new room" and a beautiful yard.
  • Thousands of other little things (food w/o fear, electricity, water, indoor plumbing etc... )

It has truly been an interesting year; and I for one am glad God is in charge, else it would be impossible to see the good in all things.

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

--Josh 04:00, 27 November 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

More Pictures of Justus

So thanks to Grandma Rudd's visit to see Justus today, I got my camera card reader, so was able to post a handful of the better pictures. Pictures of Justus This includes a picture with Grandma.

I realize now that the world has gone Blog, and micro blog and facebook, that we often don't put quite as much thought into our words as we used to. I was thinking about the announcement of Jordan's birth, and while it took longer before it got out, it was better written! Anyway one specific thing It mentioned was some folks who were really helpful in the whole process. I'd like to give out a big thanks to Paul Jenkins for watching Jordan till Grandma could get into town. I'd also like to thank Ashley Rogers, our next door neighbor who watched Jordan till Paul could get there. We really appreciate the support(in some cases unexpectedly at the last minute.)

We'd also like to thank our amazing doula, Caro Foulkraud who as previously was there for any emergency middle of the night calls with outstanding advice and wisdom. If you should ever need a doula, or wonder what one is just ask and we will rave about her for a bit to you! Also thanks to the Rex nurse staff who were wonderful (a very pleasant difference from last time!) Additionally Dr Henderson, and the other Drs at Atrium have also been great.

Lastly so many thanks to Grandmas who were great, Phyllis who has watched Jordan for the 3 days we will have been in the hospital, as well as Marsha for Keeping Jenny calm on the phone during the morning rush hour trip to the hospital.

--Josh 21:26, 29 October 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

Justus has entered a whole new World

Justus Rudd Patterson has entered the world. He was born today, October 28th, 2009 at 11:17am. He weighed 7Lbs 10.7 Oz and was 20 inches long. Mom, Dad and Justus are all doing just great. Dad remembered to bring the camera, however he DIDn't remember to bring the sd card reader, so I only have one cell phone picture for now! Many more to come later.

From the appearance of things he must have some important stuff to get to as he was born after only 2 hours at the hospital. Apparently 2nd children are often much faster.

Well I think that is all for now -One tired daddy

--Josh 19:46, 28 October 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

First Look at Justus

So now that he is almost ready for his entry, I've gotten around to posting some pictures of him!!!

Click Here for some more pictures!

He is sure looking good. Thanks to Angela, we were able to go to the Dr and do the ultrasound without worrying about Jordan; Thank you Angela.

This weekend Jenny and I are going for a nice pre baby trip by ourselves to Atlantic beach. Jenny's mom is coming up to watch Jordan for the weekend. Before Jordan was born, one of Jenny's parents lent us their beach house and we had such a good time we thought we'd do it again. The weather looks great so hopefully it will be a good time!

--Josh 01:00, 2 October 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

Car 1 Plastic Bag 1 Pattersons 2

So the car and the bag will have to call it a draw. Fortunately for the Pattersons comprehensive insurance covered it with a pretty low deductible. Nationwide was relatively quick and we got the car back last week, new axle and all. Even more impressively we got the insurance check in the mail the same day we picked up the car!

--Josh 02:44, 29 September 2009 (UTC)

Car 0 Plastic Bag 1

So just a quick update! we have been busy. Jenny is now only six weeks till her due date. Work has continued to be very busy, we are continuing to forge ahead in our ministry teams, and Connect Groups will be starting up again shortly!! (next week)

Today, while coming back from a Baby Dr visit, the brakes in Jenny's car went out at McDonalds. Great place to loose your brakes, no damage or anything fortunately. However the $$ damage was just beginning. We pulled into the parking lot, ate lunch (I was hungry after all) and then called our extended warranty company. Fortunately they picked up the towing expenses, though as I would find out not the repair. How you ask did my brakes go out? hold on, I can hardly believe this... 2pm I'm working away (yes still on that big robotic machine) and I get a call from the Ford service department. He says we found the problem, your brake line was severed.... AND your front right axle was bent!!! Its going to cost 1179$ to fix! I ask well will the warranty cover it? He says he needs to do some more research, and will call me back.

2:30pm Ford service guy calls back, he says your not gonna believe this.... so you must have run over a plastic bag.... it wrapped itself around the axle and break line, and as the wheel turned it winched the brakeline into the axle, severing the brakeline, and warping the axle. And no, warranty won't cover it; however insurance may.

So poof just like that some plastic bag that probably breaks when I put my jug of milk in it does almost 1200 dollars in damage to our car!!! The bright side is that at least it didn't fail while doing 80 down the interstate. God is keeping some eye out for us.

Anyway we called the insurance co and they assigned an adjuster but we haven't yet heard from them.

--Josh 01:35, 19 September 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

Third Ones a Charm?

So another year has passed. Still am not managing to update the blog as well or often as I should like. In the run up to Jordan's Birthday this year jenny and I have both tried our hardest to exhaust ourselves! Between construction, baby prep, cleaning and assorted drs appointments (7 in the last 3 weeks) we have been busy as all get out. On the brite side Jordan's new slide got finished just in time for her birthday (11am for 11:30 party!) Jenny got the house clean, and I think everyone had a good time (well except perhaps Judah, but who can blame a 6 year old boy forced to endure a party of 3-6 year old girls.)

A big thanks goes out to everyone who made it such a good time. Especially those who didn't complain about my "flame kissed" hamburgers.

I Actually got a couple decent pictures put up for the first time in a while: Birthday Pictures

Guess thats it for now.

--Josh 04:31, 24 August 2009 (UTC) Permanent Link

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