A tree must go, what do do with the wood

A Tree Must Go

So we recently decided that our favorite corkscrew willow tree was getting to big for the area it was planted (frankly I planted it closer to the septic tanks then I should have seemed ok 4 years ago when it was a twig) Its nearness to the septic tanks has been gnawing at my mind every time I park and see the tree in the side yard. It had such nice shape and branching (4 main trunks down low) Jordan has spent many afternoons playing in and around it, It created a lovely arched shade area over the path to the back yard, and in general was a lovely tree. This past weekend I decided to finally take it down (before we mulch the area or it destroys the septic tank.) It only took about 2 hours to take down, but I now have a side yard full of limbs and leaves. (and I suspect will take multiple weekends to finish shredding what I don't use)

So Jenny tells me she wants me to make a Fairy house. I'm like a fairy house!? what is a fairy house? Turns out its sorta like a bean tee-pee, but not. Basically its just a rustic hut made out of easily found materials.... such as the remnants of our once beautiful Willow tree. After doing a bit of web research, and design ideas on paper, I set out for Lowes and bough a ton of zip ties... Yes big honking, 2 and 3 foot zipties! Seemed to be the best choice of building material for the job at hand. (and after having done it, I am quite happy with the choice) Anyway so I spent the entire afternoon building the Fairy house. Initiall I built up 6 wall sections in a hexagon shape, poles into the ground, poles connecting the tops, but this structure was relatively flimsy, and not wanting a bunch of willow wood coming tumbling down on my daughters head, I revised the plan, and used some bigger bamboo canes in a X configuration to stabilize the walls.

Once the walls were up and stable, I began adding the roof. I started with 2 branches zip tied paralle, and then twisted them out to the right angle, and attached them to top of the walls. Once one set was in place, I added a pole from each wall corner to the top, zip tying both ends. After all the roof poles were in place I did an additional large zip tie around the joint of all the roof poles. Lastly I added a door frame, and little side window and called it quits.

Soon I will be adding vines to the base. Not entirely decided on what type(s). The current options are:

  • Coral Honeysuckle
  • Burgandy Cross Vine
  • American Wysteria (white or purple)
  • Grape
  • Arctic Kiwi

Anybody have some other suggestions, or reasons one is better then the other, I'd appreciate a note!

--Josh 03:41, 13 May 2010 (UTC)