Crazy Week Done!?

Crazy Week Done!?

So the last week has been INSANE! Literaly... So in no particular order, we started with a natural disaster bifecta for our daughter, an earthquake on her birthday, and a hurricaine on her birthday party! Yes, so a birthday and party was in the works for this week. See birthday Pictures Here
It was also her first day of homeschool, so everything that entailed getting setup! Curriculum, Furniture, lesson plans etc!. We also had her first day of Home school co-op!

We also had a consignment sale, which thank God, despite the hurricane actually sold about 90% of our stuff! God is great! Guess we should call it a hurricane sale! so that involved Tagging, and dropping stuff off during the week.

And too top it all off, we added a new family member, Arwen, our new 4 Month old chocolate lab puppy! Sam is adjusting ok so far, right now they are 'aware' of each other, but not being lovely or anything, we'll see if thats how it stays, or if they get more friendly! Anyway we THINK she is going to be sam sized; so another medum size dog; She has the cutest webbed feet; Labs are pretty cool dogs, its no suprise that they are such long running favorites; and they do so well with children too!

Right now she is curled up next to my feet. We are wondering how long the honeymoon period is going to last; so far she is a gentle, not to frisky puppy; who seems perfectly tempered for our household!

--Josh 13:49, 28 August 2011 (EDT)