More Pictures of Justus

More Pictures of Justus

So thanks to Grandma Rudd's visit to see Justus today, I got my camera card reader, so was able to post a handful of the better pictures. Pictures of Justus This includes a picture with Grandma.

I realize now that the world has gone Blog, and micro blog and facebook, that we often don't put quite as much thought into our words as we used to. I was thinking about the announcement of Jordan's birth, and while it took longer before it got out, it was better written! Anyway one specific thing It mentioned was some folks who were really helpful in the whole process. I'd like to give out a big thanks to Paul Jenkins for watching Jordan till Grandma could get into town. I'd also like to thank Ashley Rogers, our next door neighbor who watched Jordan till Paul could get there. We really appreciate the support(in some cases unexpectedly at the last minute.)

We'd also like to thank our amazing doula, Caro Foulkraud who as previously was there for any emergency middle of the night calls with outstanding advice and wisdom. If you should ever need a doula, or wonder what one is just ask and we will rave about her for a bit to you! Also thanks to the Rex nurse staff who were wonderful (a very pleasant difference from last time!) Additionally Dr Henderson, and the other Drs at Atrium have also been great.

Lastly so many thanks to Grandmas who were great, Phyllis who has watched Jordan for the 3 days we will have been in the hospital, as well as Marsha for Keeping Jenny calm on the phone during the morning rush hour trip to the hospital.

--Josh 21:26, 29 October 2009 (UTC)