Week 14

Sorry this is late.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week.  Here are the activities that we enjoyed this past Friday.


We studied Africa and it's map points.  We used dry erase markers to mark or traced the geographical features for the week.  We repeated the points several times both tracing and saying the names.


We listened to the memory work on the CD and then split into group of four.  Each group took a turn pretending to be Zimbabweans working as stone craftsmen building a wall (using cardboard buildings blocks).  The teams raced to build their wall before the History sentence was completed on the CD. 


I brought in  several samples of each type of rock this week.  The girls were able to pass them around and talk about the different features the they saw between the three types.  Their favorite seemed to be a rose quartz!  Then we practiced a song to help us remember the three types of rocks.  I couldn't help but set the memory work to We Will Rock You!


 I introduced the girls to the Math Pokey this week.  This was as simple as it sounds.  We sung our linear measurements to the Hokey Pokey and had a fun time being goofy at the same time!


We practiced our helping verb song.  I was amazed at how much of the song they had mastered since last week. Here is a link of the song again:


We continued to learn a simplified version of the hand motions for each card.  Due to copyright laws the videos I had linked for you on You Tube for the the hand motions are no longer public access. You can still link to the videos if you are a member of CC connected.  Simply log on and under the at home sharing tab select timeline  and search under "rafikipaka".  When you click on her upload you can open her document that has links to the different hand motions for each week through a protected area of You Tube.  These are still the official motions set forth by Classical Conversations for the new timeline.  These are the motions that I use a version of in the classroom as well.


Latin was the same as last week.  Love how the girls have mastered this! 

Fine Arts

We studied Ghiberti this week.  We discussed his background and works and then worked on fashioning our own creations.  We drew simple designs on cardboard squares and then rolled out clay to place on the cardboard over our drawings.  Next, we covered the whole thing in aluminum foil and pressed around the design.  We painted the top in black paint and let them dry.  Once dry we use scrubby pads to rub the paint off of the tops of our designs creating creating our "bronze doors" just as Ghiberti created his masterpieces.


We discussed ho scientists can use core samples to study our earth (honestly they use it outside the realm of our earth as well).  We used layered clay and straws to extract our own core samples.   We will be switching out one of this weeks science experiments with next weeks on Friday.


That's all for this week.  Please reach out with any questions!