Night Away From Home

So much for the Calm Night at Home

1:29am 6/22 - We are home and getting to bed; for everyone/anyone who was up praying for us, thank you very much!!

12:41am 6/22 - The results from the CT scan are back, Jenny looks to be in great shape. We are going home, with orders to keep an eye out for worsening pain, shortness of breath, or major changes in Blood Pressure. The Dr. thinks that it may be musculature strain in the chest as opposed to anything related to the heart. If everyone would continue to pray that Jenn would heal, and nothing else would be wrong!

12:15am 6/22 - So Jenny just got weeled off to her scan. Hopefully it won't take long and we can get home! I think we are both ready for it. Will post results once she is done and we hear back!

10:45pm 6/21 - The Dr is pretty sure that it is not a blockage in arteries, They are going to perform a CT scan to rule out a number of other rare problems. After that if everything is clear, we will head home with instructions to watch the blood pressure, and some pain medication. Please Keep Praying. We are in a room with the Dr right now. Update shortly.

10:15pm 6/21 - We have seen triage and the took an EKG which came back good.

9:30pm 6/21 - Jenny has been having these pains since shortly after dinner, but had been ignoring them. After a while, she was concerned so we decided we neeed to head to the hospital.

Jenny and I are at rex as I type. Jenny has been having unexplained chest pains, and "crazy" blood pressure. If you could please pray for us we would appreciate it!

--Josh 03:31, 22 June 2008 (UTC)