Veggie Garden

Building the Veggie Garden

Building a Vegetable Garden seemed like such an easy idea!

First a simple plan!

Then a bunch of materials

and Assemble:

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Some had it easier then others! The first step involved Splitting 23 landscape timbers in half... lengthwise; It turned out they were really really wet! We started on the bandsaw, but the sap was so thick that we totally junked up the blade, and could barely get out of the last log w/o destroying the blade. So we fell back on the tried and true circular saw! Its a lot of work since you have to cut each timber twice lengthwise since the saw doesn't cut all the way through! Don did half, and I did the other half. In the meantime we stretched out over 200 feet of chicken wire that got laid down under the beds to help keep out voles! Then they all got screwed together in our x shaped bed plan. may&filename=P1010336.JPG

Next we, Jenny and I, trucked in 3 cubic yards of dirt. All by hand in our tiny wheelbarrow: april&filename=P1010152.JPG Ok, well maybe not that tiny, but its not a huge wheelbarrow...

The last bit was to install plastic in the pathways and dump 1/2 cubic yards of pea gravel on it. The pea gravel was brought in via [Paul Jenkin's] Truck! Thanks Paul. Also want to thank my parents, they bought the holley hedge as 1 gallon plants 2 or 3 years ago, so that we have that nice solid hedge now.

--Josh 18:51, 25 May 2008 (UTC)